Statement from Board of Management

The Board of Management of Cork City FC wish to express our sincere disappointment at contents of the RTÉ Soccer Podcast, released in its original form on Tuesday, July 2nd. The podcast, which featured Adrian Eames, Alan Cawley and Noel Spillane, discussed aspects of Cork City FC’s 2019 season. The original podcast included comments from Noel Spillane regarding the club’s financial budgeting process and derogatory, inappropriate comments about members of the current Board of Management.

The Board is extremely disappointed with the discussion of an incorrect financial position of Cork City FC. This causes irreparable commercial and reputational damages. The Board will not condone such discussions in the media. The Board is proud to advocate for wider promotion of the league, especially on digital platforms. We welcome healthy discussion, debate and promotion of Cork City FC and the league on online podcasts, radio and print media. RTÉ management has offered the club a right of reply, which the club has accepted.

Members of the board contacted Noel Spillane and RTÉ management to clarify our position, and request that Noel retract his comments due to their invalidity and inaccuracy.

Noel Spillane has provided the below statement:

On Monday’s RTE Soccer Podcast while discussing Cork City’s finances I stated figures in relation to the club’s budget.

I now realise that I was misinformed about the figures quoted, and accept they were inaccurate.

I also apologise for the inappropriate comments I made about the current sitting board of management. I understand the hard work they are doing and I wish them and the club all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely,
Noel Spillane.

The Board also wish to confirm a number of points which have been discussed in the wider media, online and in the terraces over the last number of months.

  • The board ratify the budget in November of the previous year. For example, the budget for 2019 was voted on by the board and ratified in November 2018.
  • Five of the current seven sitting board members were elected to their posts at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, January 12th.
  • One member of the current sitting board members was co-opted to the board on May 7th 2019, following the resignation of a board member who had served for four years prior.
  • The board gave a financial update to club shareholders at a General Meeting on May 25th 2019. The board provided members with an outlook and plan for the coming months and year and the board is confident of achieving this.
  • All high level details of the club’s financial position, including budget increases and reductions given by the board in shareholder meetings and various media outlets have been accurate and truthful.

We encourage all supporters to get behind the club and team as we look to consolidate a higher position in the league. We also look forward to an exciting few weeks in the UEFA Europa League and the FAI Cup which begins in August.

The club is at its strongest when supporters, volunteers, staff, players, coaches and the board are all united.

City ’til we die.

Declan, Damien, Gar, Conor, Colm, John Paul & David.
Board of Management
Cork City FC.

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