Response to FORAS Statement

Cork City FC welcome this afternoon’s statement from FORAS.

Discussions between the two parties have been ongoing for some time, with the intention of increasing interaction between the club and supporters.

Following these discussions, it has been agreed by both parties that six committees (Match Night Events; Fundraising; Media & Public Relations; Training & Pitch Development; School & Community Liaison; Ticket Sales and Promotions) will be formed as part of the overall management structure of the club. These committees are being established with the dual intentions of increasing supporter involvement in the running of the club, and providing support to the club’s current executive.

The spirit, determination and enthusiasm displayed by supporters of the club in recent months has been a huge positive in difficult times, and it is crucial that this be harnessed as we strive to build a strong, sustainable and vibrant Cork City Football Club. The many people who have pledged their support now have an opportunity to channel that energy into building the future of this club, and the club looks forward to working with all of our supporters as we look to the future with optimism.

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